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What does, to “believe in Jesus,” mean?

What does, to “believe in Jesus,” mean?

“... that whoever believes in Him shall not perish…” (John 3:16) According to the Holy Scriptures, whether we “believe in Jesus” or not is the determining factor regarding our eternal fate. Indeed, Christians are those who claim to “believe in Jesus.”  However, while...

Sin and the child of God

Sin and the child of God

“For this is the will of God, your sanctification...” (1 Thes. 4:3a) Sin, and the child of God:  No human on the planet will ever live without sin, other than the Person, Jesus Christ. However, how we view sin may be the best indicator as to whether or not we truly...

“No, not Him!”

“No, not Him!”

“No, not Him!” (John 18:40) When the Roman governor (Pilate) asked the Jewish people if they wanted him to release Jesus, they shouted back, “No, not Him! Give us Barabbas!” We’ve all heard, and understand, that the Jewish people chose to release a murderer rather...


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